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The Sportsman's Doctor

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The Sportsman's Doctor
First Aid Medical Kits for the Active Person


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The Sportsman's Doctor

We have two big goals at The Sportsman’s Doctor: ensure our patients are living their best life, and protect their investment in their travel plans. That investment isn't just financial: we know you've sunk time into your travel plans, too. Most importantly, there's your body - the very thing needed to carry you through your adventures.

But then life happens. And anything and everything - from tick bites on humans, to altitude sickness symptoms, to high altitude breathing problems - can potentially ruin a dream vacation. Fortunately, we have a solution to help you properly prepare for your adventure: we create custom first aid kits for our customers.

Not only do our kits provide the necessary medical supplies you may need for all of your wilderness adventures - but we offer prescriptions that standard first aid kits do not have. So whether you’re deep sea fishing, hiking, camping or hunting, we’ve got you covered when you head outdoors.

And if you're looking for care closer to home to further support your best life, we can help with that, too! We also provide medications for common men’s health issues. Plus, we recently introduced weight loss services to further support your physical care needs. Through our telemedicine appointments, we can offer weight loss insight and prescriptions that will help you safely work towards your weight loss goal - and your healthiest self.

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Fred Teribury, MD operates The Sportsman's Doctor, hoping to help people avoid a trip to the doctor due to outdoor adventures and injuries.

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Products: High Elevation First Aid Kits, Hunting First Aid Kits, Deep Sea Fishing First Aid Kits, Cruise First Aid Kits, General Travel First Aid Kits, Men's Health Prescriptions
Services include: Weight Loss Consultations


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