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Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP

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Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP
Do Bunions Contribute to Back Pain?

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Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP

From your little one who’s on the school soccer team to your elderly parent suffering from chronic foot pain, everyone in the family can benefit from the services of Podiatry Associates of Rochester in Rochester, NY. Here, young athletes come in to treat sports injuries, parents come in for foot pain, and so much more. Every ailment is given attention and treated mindfully and effectively by one of three doctors on the team: Michael L. Giordano DPM, Jennifer F. Wool-Cottone DPM, and Robert A. Russo DPM.

With a friendly office staff, a team of foot and ankle specialists, and the ability to accept most types of insurance, Rochester area residents turn to Podiatry Associates of Rochester for:

* Foot Pain: Many people experience heel pain in their lifetime. It can be caused by plantar fasciitis, a stress fracture, tendonitis, and more. Podiatry Associates of Rochester will diagnose the problem and treat it, providing cortisone injection therapy, custom orthotics, physical therapy, or any other solution deemed necessary to recovery.

* Sports Injuries: Sports injuries can run the spectrum from mild to severe. That’s why Podiatry Associates of Rochester works with doctors, podiatric surgeons, and chiropractors to address the condition at hand. They provide tailored treatment to ensure optimum care, and to get you back on the sports field in no time!

* Ingrown Toenails: Believe it or not, this can be a very painful ailment if left untreated. The podiatrists on staff are experts at treating this condition and provide laser treatment, wedge resection, and more.

Get back on your feet as quickly as possible with the help of Podiatry Associates of Rochester. At this podiatry office, there are many treatment options, all delivered by experienced and educated podiatrists. Call (585) 342-8700 to make an appointment today.

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Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP


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